Premium Meditation Music Presents ~ Astral Projection

About this session:

This session uses isochronic tones and binaural beats to induce brainwave entrainment for astral projection OBE.

About the binaural beat –

Left ear: 63Hz (Astral Projection)

Right ear: 70Hz (Mental & astral projection ; Endorphin production/used with electroanalgesia. )

Binaural Beat: 7Hz (Mental & astral projection, bending objects, psychic surgery; Increased Reaction Time; Mass aggregate frequency (can deaggregate matter), alleged to resonate & rupture organs at excessive intensity; Treatment of sleep disturbances

About the isochronic tone:

Base Frequency: 147.85Hz ( Frequency associated with orbit of Saturn – enhances concentration and the process of becoming conscious + shows very clearly karmic connections, brings structure and order – is considered to be a cosmic controller)

Isochronic Pulse: 6.3Hz (Mental & astral projection [SS seconded this]; accelerated learning & increased memory retention; (reduce) Anger + Irritability)

Enjoy the Astral Projection audio from Premium Meditation Music!

(For Best Results Wear Headphones)