Premium Meditation Music Presents – Manifest Wealth Affirmations

This video is a great aid to activate the law of attraction in regards to money, wealth and abundance in your life. The audio layers meditative binaural beats, relaxing ambient music and positive abundance affirmations. The video contains visual images and text affirmations that are subtle and re affirming.

One of the biggest hurdles in successfully mastering the law of attraction is desire. Desire often is the very block to receiving as it affirms on a vibrational level that one “does not have” that which they “seek”

One thing we can all tap into immediately even if we do not have money is the unlimited supply of source energy. This is the same energy that has created words without end.

It is helpful to become aware of the energy you personally hold. This energy can be easier understood when split up into 4 categories.

1.) The words you speak (This is a very obvious form of our personal energy, it is also one of the easiest to control with a little practice of awareness)

2.) Your actions (Everything you “do” requires real energy. Be aware of your actions and all that you do)

3.) Your thoughts (The thoughts that are constantly running in your head are energy with a measurable vibrational frequency)

4.) The way you feel (Our emotions are the most important part of our personal energy system. They are an indication as to whether we are in the flow and attracting our greatest good.)

When one can get these 4 major components of their personal energy in alignment, the experience of the law of attraction becomes almost magical. Our emotions are our personal guidance system which help us know how we are doing on controlling our personal energy.

When we feel happy and good we know we are on a positive path, our thoughts, words, and actions are all in harmony with each other in response to our point of attraction. However to feel negative emotion such as fear or sadness is also an indication that our thoughts, actions and words are not in vibrational alignment for attracting our greatest good.

Enjoy The Manifest Wealth Affirmations Meditation from Premium Meditation Music!