Peaceful Life Affirmations


Premium Meditation Music Presents – Peaceful Life Affirmations

This is a special Meditation intended to help raise the vibration of the world in which we all live. By listening to this audio you are using the Law of attraction to Bring a positive and happy world into your present reality. We would love to hear your feedback!

The audio uses simple ambient music and positive world peace affirmations layered with binaural beats and isochronic tones specially tuned to enhance the law of attraction as well as love and peace. The Isochronic tone uses a carrier frequency of 528 hz ~ The Solfeggio Frequency associated with transformation and miracles. This frequency is played at a 10.5 hz pulse. The alpha frequency 10.5 hz brings mind/body unity and enhances the listeners love of self, life, and others.

The binaural beat uses a carrier frequency of 126.22 hz. This powerful meditative frequency advances the feeling of centering of magic & of the transcendental and is played at the frequency of 5.5 hz. This theta frequency shows guidance and vision of growth needed.

The following affirmations are used:

I live in a peaceful and loving world
I am surrounded by love
I am surround by peace
My interactions with others are harmonious
Life is fun and easy
I AM at peace with my choices in Life
The world radiates joy love and peace
I am Joyful
I am Happy
I have gratitude
I have peace in my life
My environment is a garden of peace
I live and enjoy the present moment
The world I live in radiates peace
I am surrounded by positive and happy people
The world is a peaceful, Loving and enjoyable place to live
I am happy for the joy in my life
I Love others
My universe is at peace
I feel calm
The world is harmonious and peaceful
I live in a world of Joy and Love
The More I focus on peace and happiness, I more I find peace and happiness in my life.
I release my past and live with calm and serenity
Those around me experience peace, love and joy
I am surrounded by a peaceful and loving World
I live in a world of harmony and synchronosity
Life if fun if a relax and allow it
The world is full of peace and abundance
I have lots of friends
I am happy to help those around me
I am grateful the world is full of peace and happiness
I choose a peaceful and calm spirit
I AM free to be me and express myself openly
I have a peaceful and calming heart and soul
Everyone around me is at peace with each other
I am surrounded by peaceful people
My work environment is peaceful and quiet
I am happy for tranquility in my life
I attract a happy, loving, and peaceful life.

Enjoy The Peaceful Life Affirmations Meditation from Premium Meditation Music!