Premium Meditation Music Presents ~ Soulmate Attraction Binaural beat

(For Best Results Wear Headphones)

This Binaural Beat audio uses Alpha and Theta frequencies specifically tuned for Attracting your soulmate! Just in time for Valentines Day!

Download This Soulmate Attraction Binaural Beat in high quality mp3 format!

The carrier frequency 221.23 Hz is associated with beauty, love, sexuality and sensuality. The frequency supports higher love energy and aspiration for harmony.

The session begins by playing 4 Hz for the first 20 minutes; a frequency that brings the listener into a seduction mind set. The next 20 minutes plays 6.15 Hz, a frequency Associated with heart bringing the effects of love and warmth. The audio finishes by playing 9 Hz for the last 20 minutes. 9 Hz is associated with the sacral chakra and has a cosmic effect on love and sexuality.

Enjoy The Soulmate Attraction Binaural Beat from Premium Meditation Music!